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81 Synonyms of DOMESTICATE | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus. Synonyms for DOMESTICATE: condition, master, train, accustom, habilitate, habituate, naturalize, acclimate. Domesticate: to change (a wild animal or plant) over time to make it more suited to life with or use by humans. Synonyms: condition, master, train.

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    1. Patina synonym

    What is another word for domesticate? that you can use instead. Contexts To tame (an animal) and keep it as a pet or on a farm To cultivate (a plant) for food To habituate to a given environment Verb To tame (an animal) and keep it as a pet or on a farm train tame break housebreak domiciliate gentle subdue master subjugate breed control herd.

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      Another way to say Domesticate? Synonyms for Domesticate (other words and phrases for Domesticate).


    Synonyms: tame Collocations, breed Collocations, housebreak, subdue Collocations, break Collocations, gentle Collocations, break in, bust Collocations, teach Collocations, housetrain, acclimatise (UK), acclimatize, condition Collocations.

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    Synonyms for DOMESTICATE: tame, breed, train, domesticize, housebreak, break, gentle, subdue, master, teach, naturalize, adapt, habituate, cultivate, break-in, bust, domesticise, reclaim, naturalise, tame.
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    brought to heel. brought up. rounded up. brought under control. cultivated. domesticized. made tame. “Attempts to tame and domesticate these creatures were met with mixed results, and even though some had proven docile enough to use as mounts, there was always the slight element of unpredictability about them.”. Verb.

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    We domesticated the dog. Synonyms. tame. break. train. house-train. gentle. See examples for synonyms. 2 (verb) in the sense of naturalize.

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